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Lu Yu; the Saint of Tea and Cha Jing

1. Lu Yu

Lu Yu(733~804) the most prominent and influential person in tea history born and lived through the peak of the Tang Dynasty(618-901). Lu Yu devoted his lifetime to research and studies of tea and the essence of his works has delivered the world's first comprehensive treatise on tea, Cha Jing or The Classic of Tea.

Before Cha Jing was published tea was mentioned in medical books and in short articles, in isolated historical records and in poems but never systematically arranged in a complete book. Soon after Cha Jing was created many other books on tea were written but mostly based on Cha Jing and expanded upon and supplemented with new findings. This ancient book has been translated to many other languages as well, including Japanese, Korean, English and French.

Lu Yu is the foremost important person in the developing, promoting of tea culture and tea industries. Here is a quote from Professor Chen Shidao of Song Dynasty(960-1279) who wrote in the Foreword for the Song reprint of Cha Jing: 'The first treatise on tea was originated from Lu Yu. The systematic development of tea industries and tea culture also initiated by Lu Yu. Thus in regards to tea, Lu Yu's noble merits and unparalleled achievements are irrefutable facts'.

Lu YuToday Lu Yu is often known as the patron Saint of Tea, the founder father of tea art. Sometimes also referred as sage of tea by many scholars and even worshipped by many in the tea industries as the deity of tea or tea god. In reality Lu Yu's life was never god or fairy tale like. Lu Yu worked on his dream and worked towards achieving it just like any other notable man. However Lu Yu's infinite enthusiasm and obsession in tea had created a lot of voluntary support and help along his way!

So here it goes -- The Making of Tea Saint .....